Quinacridone Burnt Orange – Daniel Smith Watercolor | The Paint Show 22

Welcome to episode 22 of The Paint Show, in which I’ll present Quinacridone Burnt Orange, by Daniel Smith!

You can check out the full episode on YouTube, right here:

Me and Quinacridone Burnt Orange

I got this paint originally together with the Daniel Smith Secondary set, alongside Carbazole Violet and Undersea Green.

I really enjoyed this set, and I think it’s REALLY worth it in terms of the price. This is why I originally reviewed the entire set.

Then, I reviewed Carbazole Violet on the previous episode, and next week I hope to review Undersea Green as well!

I slowly got to love each and every one of these paints, and I wholeheartedly recommend getting them.

If you are interested in purchasing Quinacridone Burnt Orange, you can do so here (affiliate link): Quinacridone Burnt Orange – 15ml Tube.

If you want to get the entire set, you can do so here: Daniel Smith Secondary Set

(If you buy using these links you pay the exact same price, and I get a commission).

Paint Information

Here’s some more information about this paint.

  • Pigment: PO48 (Quinacridone Orange)
  • Series 2
  • Excellent Lightfastness
  • Transparent
  • Granulating
  • Low Staining

As this is a series 2 paint, it’s not the cheapest. On Amazon it goes for about 17$ (and the set is 24$, so you can understand why I recommend that…).

I love this paint’s transparency too. I usually use heavier and darker wash from the get (not aiming for multiple glazings), but this one just may make me try some of that.

I also like the relatively gentle granulation texture, and the fact it’s more easily liftable, as it’s low staining.

If I recall correctly PO48 should be staining. I’m not sure what Daniel smith did here, but this one seems to be low staining.


Here are some things I show in the video review…

A basic swatch and a quick wet-in-wet swatch.

Mixes with French Ultramarine and Sap Green (which Daniel Smith recommends doing).

And lastly, I attempt to recreate the paint. According to information I found online, this can be remixed by combining a yellow similar to PY150 and a red such as Quinacridone Rose (PV19) or Maroon Red (PR179).

I didn’t have a suitable yellow (PY150 is somewhat neutral), and so I used a combination of Lemon Yellow and New Gamboge, and mixed it with Quinacridone Rose.

The result is pretty nice!

Pretty similar, right?


I really enjoyed making this review for you. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment under the video or here on my website.

If you want to watch the full episode on YouTube, you can check it out here: Quinacridone Burnt Orange – The Paint Show – Episode 22

And again, If you wish to buy the tube, you can do so here: Quinacridone Burnt Orange – 15ml Tube.

And if you want to get the entire set, you can do so here: Daniel Smith Secondary Set

I hope you enjoyed this one, and I’ll talk to you again really soon!

– Liron