Getting Punched in The Face by Watercolor | Liron Yanconsky’s Podcast – Episode 14

Episode Summary

Recently I find myself being “punched in the face” by watercolor. What I mean by that is that just when I think I “got it”, I create a few terrible paintings with completely unexpected results.

I experience this most significantly with landscape painting, or with scenes that require a lot of “interpretational” work, and simplification.

The Solution

I find an interesting way of dealing with this issue – I sidestep it.

Instead of smacking my had against the wall, I simply focus for a while on different things. These things are mainly composition and portrait painting.

These are two different areas where I feel more comfortable, or that I have more to learn.

Sometimes you can’t force your way to success. You have to allow yourself to take some distance from the obstacle, and then, without even noticing, you’ll find you were able to get past it.

I hope this helps and encourages you!

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Artist Corner

In this episode I mention talked about Eudes Correia. Eudes is a fantastic Portuguese watercolor artist.

I love how he merges realism and a great sense of light and shadow, with some impressionism and looseness. He work in a style I find very unique, and I recommend you check out his work.

You can see his work on his website:

Also, I discovered him via Instagram: @eudes_watercolor


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