Use Pure Colors in Your Watercolor Painting

Hi there!

Today I want to present to you a painting process I did a while ago.

It’s not my best painting. However, it’s an experiment I did with preserving the purity of colors and letting them mix on the palette.

You can watch the entire process below, and scroll down for the written version (:

Use Pure Colors in Your Watercolor Painting

So here’s the scene I wanted to paint.

And here’s the drawing stage.

Notice it’s quite the busy scene. There are many cars, people and buildings. This was very challenging to break down.

I think this is actually one part where I “failed” with the painting process. With that being said, I still did a decent job simplifying it.

The funny part is that, I think, the drawing itself is inaccurate, especially in regards to its perspective.

In any case – off we go with the first wash.

First Wash

This is exactly where I wanted to keep the purity the most. I found out it’s important to get it right in this particular step.

The reason stems from the transparency of watercolor. If you start of with over-mixed, muted colors, the next wash may still show them through. And so, glazing yellow over muted blue won’t do much good (;

Next, we have an additional wash.

Second Wash And Beyond

I’ll admit, this isn’t the best of my work. But I was able to improve the purity.

In this stage it’s important to still use vibrant colors. This is true especially for the areas you want to keep colorful.

After that, I continue adding more layers.

And this is the final result!

I went for a rather complex scene, and challenged myself to try something new. This is why I’m very pleased with the result.

Putting Pure Colors in The Correct Context

It’s important to remember that this is one particular approach out of many. It doesn’t mean you have to ALWAYS ALWAYS keep your colors pure, or avoid grays.

This is a tool to be used at the right moments. You can use it, perhaps, to direct the viewer’s eye in some way. You could use it to create a focal point or area.

And this is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this one! (:

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– Liron

ShinHan PWC Watercolor Review & First Impression

I recently published a ShinHan PWC watercolor review video.

I wanted to share it here as well, and show you what these paints look like.

My first impression of these is really positive. I actually I ended up purchasing 3 more tubes that I also share in this video – ShinHan PWC Primary Colours Review.

ShinHan PWC Line of Watercolors

ShinHan have 3 different lines of watercolor – the PWC (also known as “Extra fine”, the Professional and the SHAMI (which I heard is more suitable for children).

PWC seems to be significantly superior to the “Professional” line (a slightly misleading name), that is of student great.

PWC paints are better pigmented, have superior lightfastness and are composed of single pigments.

The Tubes

I got these in a free sample pack. It had three colors.

Ultramarine Deep
Pigment: PB29 (Ultramarine Blue)
Series B (A is cheapest, E most pricey)
Lightfastness 3/3 (high)

Permanent Red
Pigment: PR209 (Quinacridone Red)
Series A
Lightfastness 3/3

Vandyke Brown
Pigment: NBr8 (NBr stands for Neutral brown, Vandyke Brown)
Series B
Lightfastness 2/3 (normal)

I noticed these are very soft and nice to pick up using the brush.

I liked the way the colors look (when wet and dry). I also liked the mixes I got.

As I mentioned, this encouraged me to buy additional tubes (which I’ll also share in an upcoming post).

I hope you enjoyed this quick review. Be sure to check out the full video to seem ore of the demo itself.

ShinHan PWC Primary Colours Review

And if you are interested in purchasing these, here are some affiliate links to Amazon:
24 set:
32 set:

(It seems these paints can’t be bought in individual tubes on Amazon)

And this is it for today.

I’ll talk to you soon, and until then – take care! (: