How to Draw Shay Cormac VS Adewale (AC Rogue)

Hey there!

Today I want to do something special.

In this video I show you how to draw a battle scene between Shay Patrick Cormac and Adewale – two characters from the Assassin’s Creed Rogue video game.

This is less of a drawing lesson, and more of a speed-drawing demonstration of my complete drawing process.

You’ll see everything from drawing, to painting (watercolors AND colored pencils) and inking.

So without further ado, here it is!

A few notes:

1. I like to paint before I ink.

This is something I talked about before.

This type of process allows the colors to really shine, and then also allows you to be minimal with your pen and ink.

2. I mix watercolors with colored pencils.

I like the look I achieve by applying watercolors and then completing the look using colored pencils.

This is a common practice, and is my favorite way to go. The watercolors easily cover large surfaces and give the base tone. Then, the colored pencils add the texture and more accurate shading.

However, you are invited to try a different way, and let me know if it works better for you (=

Anyway, this is it. Let me know if you have any questions!

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How to Paint an Urban Sketch (watercolors) – Red Mailbox

Hey friends!

In this video I show you how to paint an urban sketch I made a while ago!

I use watercolors for this sketch, and try to keep the color scheme as simple as possible.

Watch the video first, and then read on for my key tips on how to paint with watercolors (=

Okay! Hope you enjoyed the video (=

Now, for my key tips of how to paint using watercolors…

1. Start light

At first, you want to apply a very diluted, bright layer of color. It’s so much easier starting with bright and then moving onto darker tones.

If you start with a dark tone, you’ll possibly lose much of the potential beauty of the drawing.

2. Test the color first

Before applying the color to your drawing or sketch, use a “test” paper to get a preview for the color.

how to paint with watercolors
My test paper

If you are not pleased – simple re-mix the color!

If you want it to be lighter – draw a few quick lines on the test paper to “get rid of” some of the paint, and then apply it to your drawing.

3. Play with the blot

If you ever worked with watercolors, you probably know this one.

When you start painting with the brush, there will be a big “blot” – an area that is more loaded with color.

You want to imagine that you are spreading out this blot as evenly as possible, over your drawing.

If you have a small area to paint, get rid of some of the paint first, or that blot will stay there, un-smeared…

But what if you already painted, and are stuck with the leftover of this “blot”…?

4. Dab it away!

If you are left with excess paint, simply use a tissue or a napkin to dab some of it away.

A word of warning though – don’t dab it multiple times with the same side of the tissue, or you may paint some of it back in a nearby area.

Use a new tissue for every individual dab (=

5. Layering

Now that you have a basic light layer, decide on a light source.

Then, simply begin adding a second layer, using the same tone, or a darker / different tone if you please.

Watercolors mix pretty well, but I think 3-4 layers is the limit. Four is for extreme cases as well.

6. Blend it in

What if you already painted with too dark of a tone for a second layer, and can’t / don’t want to dab it away?

Simply blend it in with the previous tone!


Well, first make sure the brush currently has very little (to none) paint in it.

Then, use the side of the brush (meaning the length of the hairs of the brush) to blend the border between the two different tones.

Don’t be afraid to apply some pressure and use short quick movements.

And that is it!

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