How to Draw a Pug Dog’s Face (Cute!)

Hey there!

In this drawing lesson I’ll teach you how to draw a cute pug face.

Key Drawing Tips

1. Draw a good base of guidelines.

Be sure to draw the guidelines correctly. They are the base of the drawing.

how to draw a pug face - guidelines

They don’t have to look perfect, and you can roughly sketch them. They do, however, need to be as accurate as possible.

Draw the main shape of the head and the ears. Finally, divide the face along the center. This will help us draw the rest of the face.

Pug eyes and nose

2. Fur Fur Fur

The fur is an important component to this drawing.

Use short, quick strokes of the pencil to draw the fur and make it look believable. Be sure to observe the direction in which the fur grows, and draw it according to that.

In this specific drawing, the fur moves outwards from the center of the cute pug’s face.

how to draw pug fur

And that’s mostly it!

Have fun, and draw many different animals so you can practice different types of textures, such as fur, scales, feathers etc…

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And until next time, take care!

– Liron