How to Draw a 3D Ball

Hey friends!

In this drawing lesson I’ll teach you how to draw a 3D ball! Well actually it’s a beach ball… Let’s go!

Check out the video first, and then read on for extra drawing tips.

Key tips:

1. Draw an accurate shape

Shading is important, but remember that drawing an accurate shape to begin with is ALSO important.

Try and get the guidelines to be relatively accurate, and in place.

2. Set the light source – and stick to it!

This may be basic to some, but is important to take note of. Upon deciding on a light source, make sure you stay “loyal” to it.

If light comes from the right side, make sure all left / inner / indented parts are darker.

3. How to draw the shadows themselves

There are several factors that dictate how shadows look.

The key ones are:

  • Distance / direction of the light source
  • Strength of the light source
  • Distance of object from the surface on which the shadow falls

Here are a few simple examples:

Direction of the light source:


The stronger the light source, the darker the shadow:


The SMALLER the distance between the object and it’s cast shadow, the DARKER the cast shadow becomes.


Aaaaand that’s probably it for this drawing lesson! Hope you learned something new.

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I’ll talk to you soon,

– Liron