How to Draw a Clenched Fist

Hey friends!

In this drawing lesson I’ll show you how to draw a clenched fist!

The key takeaway here is to try to simplify the shape of the hand, and use simple guidelines that will eventually turn into more complex shapes.

Check out the drawing lesson here: How to Draw a Clenched Fist!

Pay attention to the thumb, and how it obstructs some of the fingers.

Also, the main challenge in drawing the hand here, was getting the correct shape of the inner parts of the fingers.

Notice how they are bent downwards, and into the center of the palm.

I hope this was helpful!

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how to draw a clenched fist

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How to Draw Hands Poses: Quick Reference

Hey friends!

Today I thought I’d share with you some quick reference for how to draw hands in different poses.

Hopefully you’ll find these helpful.

Here are some hands in different poses:

how to draw hands posesNotice how the fingers sort of FAN OUT. If we connect them, we get this curved line that moves across all joints.

Here are some more challenging poses of hands holding / interacting with different objects.

how to draw hands posesDrawing hands is one of the more challenging things out there (as if anatomy in general isn’t one of the GREATEST challenges out there =P ).

My biggest advice would be to:

1. Use real people as reference.

I always recommend drawing from real life.

This improves you in SO MANY different ways. Always strive to draw real people instead of just images.

2. Study the works of others.

People interpret reality in different ways. This is what sets each artist apart.

If you study drawings by the greatest artists there are, you’ll get a sense of what they give attention too, what they emphasize or even exaggerate, and what they ignore.

This is super-important for your development as an artist.

That’s it for today. I’ll share a more detailed guide to drawing hands in the future.

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3D-Cover-PNG-DS2And I’ll talk to you soon,

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