How to Develop Your Own Artistic Style | Liron Yanconsky’s Podcast – Episode 9

In this episode I want to share my (hopefully) unique perspective on a widely discussed topic – how to develop your own artistic style.

My focus will be visual arts, but this can definitely be applied to many other artistic endeavors.

As I preface this episode, I am talking from the perspective of someone who is going through the process of finding their own style right now.

When it comes to pen and ink I’m pretty much there, but when it comes to watercolor painting I still have a long way to go.

The two concepts I present in this episode are:

  1. Focusing on the basics. These are mini-skills that are detached from a certain style. These are the building blocks. Each medium has their own basic skills.
  2. Inspiration and Isolation. A cycle I go through often that allows me to soak up inspiration and knowledge from other artists while maintaining and honing my own uniqueness.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Artist corner

Today I talked about Wassily Kandinsky – an amazing painter that became a very influential figure in the abstract painting world.

what I love about his work is that he clearly is able to create both realistically (or perhaps “literally”) and abstractly.

Check out ‘Odessa Port’ which he did in 1898, and compare that with ‘Houses in Munich’ from 1908. It’s amazing.

And this is it for today’s episode. I hope you enjoyed this one, and I’ll talk to you again really soon!

– Liron

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