Control VS Freedom in Art | Liron Yanconsky’s Podcast – Episode 5

In this episode I talk about different approaches to creating. I believe there’s a scale ranging from complete freedom and looseness, all the way to completely controlled and deliberate creation.

There’s no right or wrong, only different outcomes and experiences. I recommend experimenting with these ideas.

Show Notes

1. Artist corner: Joseph Zbukvic.

This is one of my favorite watercolor artists. If you love loose impressionistic style in watercolor (or other media), definitely check out his work.

I’d also check out this exceptional video, showing a full painting process done by him.

2. Books mentioned – Paris Aquarelle and Rooftops of Paris by Fabrice Moireau.

3. Alvaro Castagnet – another fantastic watercolor artist with a style similar to Zbukvic (and perhaps a little looser at times).

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