Making Money From Art | Liron Yanconsky’s Podcast – Episode 2

Today I want to talk to you about making money from your art, and discuss the different aspects of getting there (both mental and practical).

Show Notes

Artist corner: Peter Sheeler – This is a fellow YouTuber watercolor painter. He mixes ink and watercolor. His style is beautiful, fun and simple, which is great for beginners to try.

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2 thoughts on “Making Money From Art | Liron Yanconsky’s Podcast – Episode 2”

  1. I have some experience in retail among other things. Pricing is always a challenge. I also sell my own art work from time to time. A great expression, which I think can be attributed to Tom Peters, is “perception is reality”. What someone thinks based on their own perception is what really counts. Value , like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Art, as long as the artist is alive, is primarily valued by what the potential buyer believes and really has little to do with what skill, time or effort went into the work. After the artist dies, it is a whole different thing, because there becomes a rarity factor. So buyers buy art for it’s beauty, some for collectability and some for investment, and some a combination of these. It all still falls back to the potential market’s perception of value. Many artists think it is personal and about them or their perception of the value of the work, in my experience , it isn’t.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this – those are some great insights.
      By the way, I always knew art by artists who passed away is “more valuable”, but never really thought about why.
      It’s now obvious to me (:

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